Legal Notice

To whom it may Concern. We, the JKA-Eastern KSA and JKA Aramco branches hold the membership certificates and have exclusive representation rights for JKA- Japan in Eastern KSA and Saudi Aramco.

We are also exclusively the official EXAMINERS for JKA-Eastern KSA and JKA Aramco.

There have been reports that a few non-JKA instructors are introducing themselves as JKA examiners and representatives in Eastern KSA and Saudi Aramco and we therefore legally announce the following: Any attempt to communicate with JKA Head Quarters without our knowledge and approval or any attempt to introduce yourself as JKA instructor, examiner or referee (without our approval) shall be legally dealt with. In consequence, a court case will be carried against them in the KSA courts with no hesitation.

Please be advised that the following organization/individuals are NOT JKA representatives anymore NOR can speak on behalf of JKA and cannot hold any seminars, examinations, or ANY JKA activities.

1-  EX-JKA Dhahran group (Officers and Students) Their licenses are no longer valid from JKA-Japan

They are not and will not represent JKA in East KSA or in Saudi Aramco and any attempt to deal with them will involve you in legal actions and repercussions.

They have no authority from JKA Japan nor from JKA Eastern KSA to conduct JKA belt exams (Kyu or Dan).

The qualified instructors, examiners and representatives for JKA in JKA Eastern KSA Are those the one mentioned in “Instructors” Page only.

Please note :ALL club certificates, memberships, DAN diplomas, qualifications or any other documents that begin with the register number MEA-### and are issued for Eastern KSA are invalid and disqualified, and it has to be re-registered with JKA Eastern KSA after April, 2011.

Please note we welcome your JKA affiliation by contacting us directly.

Chairman and chief instructor, Sensei: Fawaz Merheb NOTE: All Affiliated instructors, JKA members, individuals, affiliated clubs or any other person than JKA Eastern KSA CHAIRMAN cannot and not allowed at ALL to speak on behave of JKA Eastern KSA to media or signing any contract, have meetings, visit clubs or any JKA activity without hand written approval from JKA Eastern KSA Chairman, Any affiliated member, dojo, instructor, club or any individual will fail to do so will automatically decline his affiliation and we will take legal action against the karate-ka in Saudi court. Few Instructors are introducing themselves as JKA qualified instructors or they represent JKA in anyway.

Please note that any Instructor who is not listed in the “Instructors” page, is not officially affiliated in any way with JKA Eastern KSA, even if they have a qualification degree, and if they happen to issue any official JKA certificate or local Dojo/school/center certificate with the JKA word written on it, we will take all legal actions in court against the host and the instructor, providing a report to JKA head quarter to suspend the instructor’s degree and qualification.

We, JKA Eastern KSA, don’t represent KSA in any way. We represent JKA locally in KSA, or JKA internationally as the JKA Eastern KSA branch. JKA is a World Federation (WF) and it’s a member of World Karate Federation (WKF) therefore all our memberships and certificates are recognized worldwide according to WKF and WF rules.

JKA has a rule! If you leave JKA at any time to join any other organization/federation/association or any non-WKF group, all your degrees and qualification will be AUTOMATICALLY disqualified.